Teeth Whitening Package by Puresmile

Get stains removed and be back in your smile with the Puresmile’s teeth whitening foam. It better yet effective than any other toothpaste since it can maintain the white teeth you get from the teeth whitening treatment. It has micro-foaming formulation making the teeth remain white while keeping the gums healthy. It has a great taste, leaving you with fresh breath as well. Simply leave the foam on for 15 minutes and you will have the fresh smile that you have always wanted! Use it two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. It’s totally safe to use on a daily basis. Once you use this product you might not want to use toothpaste again!

teeth whitening

On the other hand, the teeth whitening pens are small and easy to carry in your pocket or handbag. Puresmile teeth whitening pens are effective in removing stains from your teeth and can be used accordingly. They are a high-performance and economical to keep healthier clean. It’s even better as the foam cleanser yet also used twice a day. Do not skip until desired results are achieved. The XL pen provides double the gel than our standard pen plus the gel is 1/3 stronger.


How to use


  1. Twist the cap until some gel appears on the brush tip (small amount).
  2. Apply one layer of the gel to the surface of your teeth while having a wide smile – Get more gel when needed.
  3. Avoid getting too much gel on your lips & gums.
  4. Be sure to hold your smile for one minute so the gel can dissolve
  5. After applying be sure not to drink or eat anything for 1 hour aside from water.


Another product on teeth whitening package of Puresmile is the Minerals Enamel Booster. It is not used directly to whiten teeth instead helps lock in the results from a teeth whitening treatment. This product is applied after you undergo teeth whitening treatment and is responsible for remineralisation. The gel contains calcium phosphate, fluoride, and potassium. It strengthens the tooth by increasing the micro-hardness of the enamel. It’s further recommended to remineralise your teeth at least two times a year. So check out the product which will suit you.